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The premise of Summoner Wars is that many tribes and kingdoms of peoples have gathered arms and picked up the race for only one thing... The Summoning Stones; powerful relics able to bring forth legions of monsters and man alike. In the war for these stones many old and grisly powers have been revealed, such as the Filth, the Swamp Orcs and the relentless Fallen Kingdom these wars could go either way, and only you can decide.

Featured Media
Summoner Wars Teaser

Summoner Wars Teaser

Featured Faction
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The Cloaks rely on stealth and espionage to win their battles. Cloaks players know how to find the weaknesses in their opponent's defenses and exploit them, cheating opponents of their best cards. Thieves force opponents to discard cards, and spies and assassinations keep enemy factions from using cards at ideal times.

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